About Us

About us

Australian company based in Sydney that offers you a huge range of nail polish wraps to suit any occasion and style. We have +20 designs that are fun, fresh and one-of-a-kind designs that will bring personaility into any day of the week or outfit.
Plus in Sydney artnails cost a fortune, especially if you get fancy gel designs in nail shop.
Not only they are expensive but the exposure to nasty chemicals, long drying times and the inability to change designs at home makes it not versatile.

Tips and tricks

• To find the correct size for your nail, just check the wrap against your finger and choose the one that is just smaller than your nail.
• Avoid the wraps overlap into your skinor cuticules which may cause lifting at the edges.
• Apply a top coat to the nail wraps for even more shiny look and longer lasting stay.

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How long will your nail wraps last? 

Our nail wraps can generally last up to 2 weeks with proper application and depending on your daily activities. To achive longer lasting effect you can apply a top coat . And the most important, try to not wet your fingers for 30 minutes after application.


How do I apply and remove my nail wraps?

See our video about how to apply the product. We guarantee it will be super easy. To remove nail wraps you can soak your fingers in warm water and put some nail polish remover for 5 min, later you can easily remove.

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