What it is: A combo precisely contemplated in this well-thought-out kit, which even has 2 express dissolving wipes: your nails will love it!

What it does: Everything you need in a manicure nail set for at home nail care.

What it includes:
Recyclable and reusable bag
Designed stamps
A kit of 2 double-sided nail files for the perfect manicure.
There are 2 sides with 2 actions. The coarse-grained side allows you to file and shape your nails whereas the fine-grained side to smooth and perfect your manicure.

HOw to stamps: Start filing your nails perfectly . Dry on your nails perfectly before applying the stamps for best results.

Top coat: * Use after application of stamp colour. * Apply a layer of top coat, starting from the base to the tip of your nails. *recommended to use a light bulb for a better result but it is not necessary.

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